EsqEsq is social software for the legal community.

At its current development stage, EsqEsq is a place where law students can interact, share notes and ideas, discuss classes and scheduling, engage in law-related forums and weblogs, evaluate professors, and form study groups.

Development News

Nov 05

Graphic Bliss We finally have a graphic designer!

Oct 31

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Oct 29

Database Overhaul I nuked the database a few hours ago and I just finished, I guess you could say, reinstalling it. A new feature (a must feature) caused the overhaul. The user schema just couldn't accomodate it the way it was.

Oct 25

Secrets Secrets Just because there hasn't been a post in a while doesn't mean that EsqEsq isn't thriving. I've been doing a lot of internal work lately (e.g. javascript validation, ajax form submission, etc.). Unfortunately due to the nature of the work I can't talk about it!! Ya I know, every one is out to get me :P

Oct 08

Rounded Edges Many may think big deal, but if you know anything about CSS, you will be amazed. EsqEsq has achieved rounded corners without having to resort to images. You read that right, our rounded corners are 100% CSS based. A special thanks to Greg Johnson for the original implementation.

Oct 04

New Blog Features New front page blogging and *gasp* commenting features should be incoming soon. Stay tuned.

Oct 04

Settings The user settings (e.g. profile, etc.) need to be in order before the masses can log in. Invites soon.

Oct 02

This Site is Balmer Peak Certified Balmer Peak Pic

Oct 01

More .htaccess Stuff The weekend was spent developing (learning how to form) nice looking URLs for esqesq. Basically, the old URLs are now much more readable. For example, now becomes Well worth the time spent.

Sept 27

Protection Disabled .htaccess protection has been disabled! This is good news, you may now view the front page and read the Latest News! We will try to keep you updated as best as we can (is that the correct phrase?). Stay tuned for comment features ... ooo ;p

Sept 26

Limited Invites In the next week we will be giving invites out to people we know personally. The only functionality that will be available is downloading. If you don't know who to ask for an invite, we apologize, but you will just have to wait. We are trying our hardest to have the site up and running by exams, but don't count on it.

Sept 25

User System Now Functional After a few, but not too many problems, the user system is once again functional. Next up, registration and forgot password pages, which should be functional in the next couple of days, however, I'll disable them until the rest of the site is up.

Maybe we should move the Register and Forgot Password? links to the top under the login, but that's also where I throw error messages like incorrect login information.

Sept 22

Ground Broken After a small hiatus esqesq has finally begun development.

Sept 22

Theme Chosen After much debate we have chosen the layout and theme for esqesq. We know you will find it as dark and sexy as we do!